The dream of flying...

... is as old as mankind. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possibe to discover unleashed perspectives without risking your life today. Just stay calm at the ground and watch spectacular pictures and moments you woudln't even have imagined.

We offer professional aerial images and videos for many puposes.

A video resolution of 4k at 30 frames per second and 12 MB still images garanty a stuning imgae quality.

Flytimes up to 18 min. per battery and a permanent HD video downlink in realtime to screens at the ground enable us to realize also longer shots and demanding camera travelings.

Two professional pilots, one for the quadcopter, the other for the camera, makes almost every camera movement possible. No matter if outside or inside of most big enough indoor locations.

Technology from the leader of the market ...

... garantiert Ihnen ein hohes Maß an Verlässlichkeit und Sicherheit. In Kombination mit der Erfahrung unserer Piloten und natürlich mit allen erforderlichen Genehmigungen und Versicherungen, steht Ihren Luftaufnahmen nichts mehr im Wege. guaranties you a high safty standard and reliability. Combined with the experience of our pilots and of course with al needed approvals and assurances, there are no limits left for your own aerial fotography project.

Outdoor aerial footage in Foto and Video

Lift your event, your haedquaters or flagship store, etc. to a totaly new level.

Discover unleashed possibillities

Durch die unabhängige Steuerung von Kamera und Quadkopter können wir fast all Ihre bildlichen Ideen umsetzten.Throug out the independent remote operation of plane and camera, we can realise almost al of your pictorially ideas.

Flys also indoor

No matter if office or cathedral, discover exclusive perspectives and stunning moments.

Have we met your intrests?

Then don't hesitate to contact us for a personal offer, made to fit your needs.